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About Inbound JanSan Marketing

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Inbound marketing refers to marketing tactics that work to drive interested customers to your door, versus you knocking on their door.  It involves marketing activities that capture the attention of prospects and draw them to you. 

After they land on your website, you use your website content and graphics to engage them.  Capturing contact information by offering a valuable take-away enables you to continue nurturing the relationship over time.  Staying top-of-mind with prospects in a professional and meaningful way will eventually convert the lead into a customer.

Inbound marketing elements include an engaging website, claiming and optimizing online directories, using e-Newsletters, creating meaningful content and repurposing it over a number of communication vehicles, and implementing regular information dissemination (either by adding to your website, blog, or microsite).

The beauty of inbound marketing is being able to gather and work “warm” leads from the start.  These are prospects that have actively looked for your goods and services.  , and then where you can use your website to engage and nurture a relationship with them, that will eventually lead to a sale.

Some interesting statistics:

  • Inbound marketing leads cost 60% less than outbound leads

  • Companies that host active blogs have 55% more website visitors

  • 61% of those surveyed feel better about a company that provides valuable content and are more likely to buy from them

  • 79% of B2B marketers use articles as a content marketing vehicle, 74% use social media, 65% use blogs, 63% use
    E- Newsletters, 58% use case studies.

According to Google, 99% of small business owners think going online is the most effective way to find new products and suppliers online.